Human centered software, to connect, collaborate and grow. - Cyberdigma
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Hospitality Tech company

Human centered software, to connect, collaborate and grow.

Booking software for meetings

This online booking software provides an easy real time booking platform for Work-, Meeting- or Desk Spaces. Based on intelligent Dynamic Pricing your client can search for the best available space, based on price and availability.

Matchmaking app and algorithm

With the serendipity machine your space counts on ice breakers to work as a community manager match making, leading serendipity to flourish with ease to create relevant connections, making your space the place to be.

Real time & place based content screens

On top of a physical location this real time screen shows the people present, including their knowledge and expertise. In this way co-working and meeting other people at a location becomes unexpectedly relevant and useful.

Custom made check in software

Real time, on-site based matching with unknown but relevant professionals, events and knowledge. This includes special dashboards & a check-in app for events, coworking locations and many more!


The best team of software developers and UX experts skilled in strategy and agile working

At Cyberdigma we believe in connecting people. We know that by connecting professionals, they will start to collaborate and share their knowledge, and reinforce each other. Together the professionals will create more business, incubate, and accelerate. We help these professionals by facilitating custom-made software and  useful tools..